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Press Releases

Child geniuses appear at SCRF 2015

Two child geniuses in the fields of mathematics and information technology have appeared at the Sharjah Children's Reading Festival 2015 to talk to other children about their experiences and to motivate them to do well too.

Iyan Al Qurashi, 6-year-old computer wiz, who is the youngest person to be accredited by Microsoft, came from London with his father, Asim Al Qurashi. He spoke about his journey to achieving the Microsoft Certified Professional after passing the standard examination procedures for the qualification at Birmingham City University in 2014, aged just 5 and 11 months old. He beat the record previously held by Mehroz Yawar from Pakistan, who passed the Microsoft Certified Professional exam at six and a half.

Iyan, who became well known after being interviewed by various media outlets in the United States, Russia and Japan, spoke at the festival about how he planned and prepared himself for the exam and he encouraged those older than himself to work towards such goals.

Iyan explained for the audience of children and their families, the difficulty and complexity of the three-hour exam which he took along with University students. He also talked about the courses he takes at the Institute of IT and about the steps he followed to gain this scientific stature.

Iyan said, “I am grateful to the UAE people for their generosity and warm welcome and I am proud to speak about my scientific achievements. I am here with my friends and family and am enjoying the amazing atmosphere with so much to see and do at this amazing festival.”

Another child prodigy who appeared at this year’s festival is Tristan Pang who has outstanding abilities in mathematics. Tristan, who was born in October 2001 in the UK, took part in the little innovator café for genius children. After excelling academically from an early age he started reading independently and doing high school maths at the age of two.

Tristan said, “My father noticed my excellent abilities and talent when I was quite young. I started reading and solving mathematical equations at around two years-old and sat my maths GCSE when I was just nine and earned an A plus. I then sat my A-levels at 11 and again achieved an A plus.”

Tristan studied at the University of Auckland at the age of 12 and is one of the youngest speakers in the world to deliver a TEDxYouth talk. He says he has always been fascinated by the relationships between light and energy, and is also interested in quantum physics and time travel. He is also interested in how the human body and mind works and is planning to be a science researcher in these fields.

At the festival Tristan spoke about the website he created as a free online learning platform for children, adolescents and young people called Tristan's Learning Hub. He hopes it will inspire and motivate them to read and learn, developing their skills and abilities and expand their knowledge. The website includes educational, technical and religious sections, as well as sections on clean energy, the environment, health, music and youth issues.

Tristan urged all young people attending to believe in themselves and study hard. He said, “Age and experience are not among the things necessary to achieve our goals and targets. We only have to think clearly, and then plan, implement and follow up. Then we will inevitably reach our goal.”

The Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival 2015 is taking place from April 22 to May 2 at Expo Centre Sharjah under the theme Discover My City. With over two thousand cultural, educational, entertaining, art and health events, and the participation of 109 publishing houses from 15 countries, there is something for everyone to enjoy there.

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