12 edition
08 April - 18 April 2020
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Violations and Penalties

Submitting an application is considered to be the acceptance of all SCRF Terms & Conditions by the applicant.  
Forged editions and products that contradict the religious/social/cultural status of the UAE are strictly forbidden. 
In case of not entering the details of products in the website on time, SCRF holds the right to reject/cancel such participations with no responsibilities whatsoever.
Exhibitors are not allowed to do any promotions outside their allotted space.
SCRF reserves the right to cancel the participation of an exhibitor at any stage. The SCRF assumes no responsibility for the results/ loss arising from or related to that.
Price regulations are expected to be strictly followed.  Any violations shall be dealt seriously.  If a price violation is noticed, buyers will have the full right to keep their purchased items and at the same time get back their full refund of paid money.  
Violations of agency rules will be dealt with strict measures.
All serious/major violations shall be reported to the concerned local and international authorities.
Products that are confiscated for violating rules shall not be returned.
Stands are not allowed to have more than the allotted furniture. In case of any extra furniture found in any stand, it will be treated as a violation.
Following are the steps of action to be taken against violations:
1. A warning letter for the first time offence.
2. Closing the stand for a day for 2nd time violation.
3. Closing the stand for the whole period for 3rd time repetition of the violence.
4. Depending on the severity of the offense, SCRF will take stricter steps such as preventing the violator from participation for a session or forever.