12 edition
08 April - 18 April 2020
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Guiding Principals

Exhibitors are entitled to a fully furnished stand with carpeted flooring, shelves,
  table, chairs, storage area, name board, spotlights, plug point and a waste basket
  Additional furniture, if required, can be hired at reasonable prices.
The name board will show the exhibitor’s name & country in both English and
   Arabic languages exactly as given in the application form.
Exhibitors will get two days to organize their stands before the opening date and
  two days to move out after the event. A penalty shall be applied to those who do
  not abide by this rule.
For the participants who are planning to build their own stands, will have an
  open space with electricity connection five days before the opening date
  and the following procedure should be followed:
1. The participant should inform the organizer in advance that the space should
    be bare space.
2. The design should be emailed to SCRF (hassan@sharjahart.org) for prio
3. Stand design with dimensions (floor plan with elevations) 3D will be
    very helpful.
4. Maximum height of the stand should not exceed 6 meters.
5. Total load demand with load schedule.
6. Stand should provide special entrance for wheel chair visitors.
7. Builder is responsible for providing electrical distribution box (DB), lighting,
    electrical power sockets, etc. inside the stand. 
8. Builder should strictly adhere to the starting and finishing dates and time
    during move in & out from the exhibition.
Generally, the books that are published during the 3-years period of the current
  SCRF only are permitted to exhibit. Older versions of high-profile titles and
  academically important ones are exempted from this rule.
Forged editions are strictly not allowed. Products that contradict with the
  religious/social/cultural principles of the UAE are strictly not allowed Such
  material shall be confiscated without notice and the exhibitor shall get penalized.
Exhibitors should send book samples for censorship purposes, if necessary
  SCRF will send a request in this regard, if required.
Exhibitors are not allowed to lease or exchange allotted spaces.
SCRF has the right to re-allocate stands that are left vacant until 1:00pm on the
  day before the inauguration date. Such no-show exhibitors are not eligible for
  any reimbursement of paid fees. For more information visit cancelation page
  on our website.
Stands must be occupied by the exhibitor staff at least 30 minutes before the
  scheduled time during exhibition days.
Exhibitors are allowed to display any promotional products or do
  announcements  inside their allotted space.
• On the final day of the exhibition, exhibitors are expected to be present
  at their respective stands until at least 09:00 PM. Exhibitors are requested
  not to start their re-packing before this time.
All out-going cargos of books are controlled by our store-in-charge,
  who will provide the move-out slips. 
No claims for remainders after two days of the closing date shall be
Exhibitors who want to close their stands and leave early should report
  to SCRF.
Exhibitors are liable to pay for any damages occurred to their stand
  as calculated by the hall-in-charge.
SCRF may cancel the participation of any exhibitor at any stage,
  without giving reasons without any liabilities/compensations from SCRF.
Exhibitors are expected to strictly adhere to all SCRF terms and conditions.