12 edition
08 April - 18 April 2020
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Pricing & Selling of Publications

The prices of exhibits shall be controlled and monitored by SCRF.
25% discount from the published price is mandatory for all selling products.  
Conversion rate of UAE Dirhams against all major currencies shall be fixed and circulated by SCRF, taking into account of the prevailing exchange rates.
All books displayed in SCRF should carry price stickers showing discounted prices in AED. (Price stickers are provided free-of-charge by SCRF.) The sticker price should tally with the price listed in the book fair catalogue. (In case of contradiction, the price which is lower shall be applied. (For more on violations go to ‘Violations & Penalties’).
Exhibitors are committed to all intellectual property laws, including treaties and conventions applicable in the United Arab Emirates. They are expected not to deal with any such products or to deal with anyone whom they know is dealing in such products. 
Selling unauthorized titles is illegal. (For more on violations go to ‘Violations & Penalties’)
For more information of how to add books, please click here.