11 edition
17 April - 27 April 2019
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Short Story Award “I am the Narrator”

- An innovative award for encouraging and supporting gifted children in the field of creative narrative writing in Arabic or English.

- The submitted story must be 5 to 10 pages long.

- The award is only granted to private and public school students in the UAE.

- The only submissions that will be accepted are by students under the age of 13 years old.
 The deadline for receiving nominations is April  -2019

Award Categories:

1-Arabic Short Story

2-English Short Story


Prize Value:

  • First-place winners in each category will receive 4000 AED
  • Second-place winners in each category will receive 3000 AED
  • Third-place winners in each category will receive 2000 AED
  • The winning stories will be published on the festival’s website.


For further inquiries, kindly contact:
Eman Alobeideli

Phone Number: 97165140130