11 edition
17 April - 27 April 2019
APRIL 16, 2019   SCRF 2019: 17th to 27th of April 2019, 9 am to 8 pm. Fridays: 4 pm to 10 pm NOVEMBER 14, 2017   Have Fun, Play and Learn area! APRIL 15, 2014   Sing your heart out at our interactive workshops APRIL 15, 2014   Make your very own book APRIL 15, 2014   Theatre comes alive APRIL 15, 2014   Channel your inner artist at the SCRF 2019 APRIL 15, 2014   Enter our fabulous competitions and win great prizes APRIL 15, 2014   Discover the magic of storytelling APRIL 15, 2014   Meet your favourite cartoon characters in real life APRIL 15, 2014   Delve into the magical world of Maths APRIL 15, 2014   Literature Live: Hear your favourite books read by your favourite authors APRIL 15, 2014   SCRF: 11 days of fun-packed entertainment APRIL 15, 2014   Free admission! APRIL 15, 2014   SCRF: Discover friends for life

School Students Competition 2019

-         A daily award is presented to the best written report that addresses one of the festival’s seminars.

-         The award is only granted to students of government and private schools inside the UAE.

-         The award is a laptop.

-         Deadline for submitting the report is 13:00 on the next day of the events.

-          To have your attendance confirmed please book in advance before the start of SCRF.

-         The student’s name must be written in full as well as the name of the school and the class, the phone number of his/her parents on the report.

 The report must be sent via email at the below address:



For further details, kindly contact;

Eman Alobeidli at 06 - 5140130