11 edition
17 April - 27 April 2019
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Fees and Billing

The stand fee is AED 170/- per sq. m.  A minimum stand (9 sq.m.)
  will have shelves,one table, two chairs, a storage area, name board
  three spotlights,plug points, a waste basket, carpeted flooring, bill books,
  carrying bags,price stickers and badges. 
Agency fees are AED 300 per publisher.
Visa fee are AED 380 per representative.
Upon approval of an application, an invoice shall be raised and forwarded
   to the applicant’s email.
• Payment should be settled 45 days from the invoice date and Ten days before
  the opening date. A 10% penalty is applicable for delayed payments paid
  after the 45 days and during the Ten days before the opening. If the payment
  is further delayed and made during the exhibition period, a penalty of 15%
  is applicable. Any delayed payments should be settled only in cash.  
1-Cash, payable to our office in Sharjah
 (Sharjah Book Authority, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road,
Al Zahia Area, Commercial Muwaileh, Sharjah, UAE.)
2-Cheque / draft (current dated): issued in
 the name of "Sharjah Book Authority, Sharjah,
 in AED to be sent by hand or post to address:
• Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival.
• Sharjah Book Authority
• P.O. Box: 73111, Sharjah, UAE.
• Tel: 0097165140026 (Please write the company name on the back of your cheque/draft). 
3- Money Transfer: Payments are to be bank transferred
    to the Sharjah Book Authority, Sharjah Government
   (Clearly stating the exhibitor's name), a scanned copy of the transfer is to be
   uploaded on your account on the website within a week.
• Bank Account Details:
• Bank Name: Sharjah Islamic Bank, Sharjah branch. 
• Account#: 0011-384005-003
• IBAN#: AE440410000011384005003
• Swift Code: NBSHAEAS.
• Payment documents should show the exhibitor’s name clearly
 If the payment is made through a bank, the proof of payment
 should be sent to us with participant’s name and amount clearly written.
• All bank charges will be on remitter's account.
• Emirates Dirham is the only accepted currency.
• All bank charges are on account of the exhibitor/remitter. 
It is mandatory that the exhibitors upload the payment proof
  (receipt or bank transfer document) to their account.
Price List
No Details Amount in AED
1 Stand Fees 170       .per  square meters
2 Agency Fees 300       .per publisher
3 Books collection from store 3            .per box
4 Bulk shipments 1            .per box
5 International exhibitor visa fees 380       .per visa
6 Small table 60*80cm 65         .per  table
7 Medium table 60*120cm 85         .per  table
8 Large table 60*240cm 125       .per table
9 Shelves 125       .per shelve cabinet
10 Chairs 60         .per chair