th 9 edition
19th - 29th April 2017
APRIL 15, 2014   Fun for all at the Have Fun, Play and Learn area! APRIL 15, 2014   Sing your heart out at our interactive workshops APRIL 15, 2014   Make your very own book APRIL 15, 2014   Theatre comes alive APRIL 15, 2014   Channel your inner artist at the SCRF 2017 APRIL 15, 2014   Enter our fabulous competitions and win great prizes APRIL 15, 2014   Discover the magic of storytelling APRIL 15, 2014   Meet your favourite cartoon characters in real life APRIL 15, 2014   Delve into the magical world of Maths APRIL 15, 2014   Literature Live: Hear your favourite books read by your favourite authors APRIL 15, 2014   SCRF: 11 days of fun-packed entertainment APRIL 15, 2014   SCRF 2017: 19th to 29th of April 2017, 9 am to 8 pm. Fridays: 4 pm to 10 pm.7 APRIL 15, 2014   Free admission! APRIL 15, 2014   SCRF: Discover friends for life

Register as Exhibitor

How to apply?
(a) Existing members: Registered applicants can log-in to the website (click here) using the existing user-ID and password and apply.
(b) New applicants: New participants can go to, and get their company name registered (click here). SCRF will confirm with a User-ID & password, with which they can login, fill the application form and submit. 
An email from SCRF will confirm the approval of any application.
Applicants are expected to provide accurate contact details. New applicant should provide a copy of the trade license, a brief company profile in English (and in Arabic, if possible) along with the company logo. SCRF will not be responsible for any miscommunications due to the wrong contact information provided in the application form.  Any changes in the contact information should be notified instantly.
SCRF reserves the right to fix the date or period for submitting applications. Exhibitors should apply accordingly. SCRF holds the right to accept or reject applications made after the last date.
SCRF will fix the number of participants for each year.  It reserves the right to stop receiving applications if the target is achieved before the deadline. 
Registering or applying online does not entitle the applicant the right to participate. It should be confirmed by an email from SCRF.
SCRF holds the right to accept or reject any applications without giving any reasons and without any liabilities/responsibilities whatsoever. 
Once the initial approval is received by email, it is mandatory that the applicant should enter the details of participating books/products to the SCRF website, to be used later for SCRF catalogue. (The details include the title, author, subject, year of publishing, price, etc.). It should be completed by mid-March.  SCRF may reject participation if the book details are not entered.
SCRF holds the right to change the dates of the event, if necessary.
Applying online is considered as acceptance of all SCRF terms and conditions.
To view how to register as an exhibitor, please click here.